Doctors Diary from 2008

Doctors Diary from 2008

It was a Internet-Chat-Interview. Fans can ask questions and the two boys of „Doctors diary“ answerd.

I make screencaps of this. I know all here on my list don’t know the series :D but I wanted to show you the pix.


This is „Dr. Kaan“ played by Kai Schumann

>>> mehr

And my fav Florian David Fitz played „Dr. Marc Meier“

more of the Florian
There are a lot of pix, where they are together.


What my eyes see here… x)

YES cute SMILE, but that is not what I mean *bad thoughts I have* x) x) x)



LiveJournal from 2008

LiveJournal from 2008

I had visit a friend this day and we watched some episodes of Queer as folk (on of the best series) ever and after this I was in the mood to do some screencaps and post it.

Some of the sexiest men of Queer as folk
(it’s from season 2)



Now some nudy… if you don’t wanna see, don’t click ;)

Brian and Justin

Bri & Ju 1
Bri & Ju 2
Bri & Ju 3 (I love that pic)

Sexy back…

kinney 1
kinney 2

… but who needs the back… ? ;)

… ahhh
… ohhh
… rarrr


Maybe you’ll like it x)

LiveJournal from 2008

LiveJournal from 2008

I think a have a new series in my fav tv series, it is a new german tv series. Called „Unschuldig“, I wish you all can see it. But I think only the german friends know it, or maybe not.

Alexandra Neldel is a very pretty woman, she play the lead role, a lawyer, she fight for guiltless convict’s. On here side are two guys. And I really like one of them, I never know him before. His name is Clemens Schick.

I have read that they maybe made a second season, I hope so!!! I know the most here wanna see US series – not that I don’t like US series – but some few examples shows that german films / series can be good too! It’s a prejudice that all german tv stuff is bad (I know that many german think that).

I like „Unschuldig“ its new and I marvel at that too, it is very good making! The cut is quick and the look very fashionable.

I like him, and that role he play.

Yes he is not typical good looking, but I think he have something interesting!

The three leads from Unschuldig

that is Alexandra, she is really good looking.