Billy Talent 30 Day Challenge – Day 2


Hmm … after I first heared “Red Flag” I loved the music and I become a fan. After I see #BenKowalewicz in ♥ some Interviews I started tobe a real Fan of him <3

Billy Talent 30 Day Challenge – Day 1

I found these here:

And I wanna try it, too :)

Favorite Song … hmmm … I think it must be “Saint Veronika” if I need to pick one.

A Letter To My Younger Self, by Ben Kowalewicz | Features | Features | Rock Sound

A Letter To My Younger Self, by Ben Kowalewicz | Features | Features | Rock Sound


I get a little bit into the fan-girl mode the last days: When I pick some time to watch some Interview Stuff from Billy Talent!

I knew and love their music for some years, but I never knew something aboubt the person’s who are in the band. 

Okay and now …

Ben is so f*cking adorable. And I have no Idea how nice a rock/punk band can be. They are all such wonderful persons!

I laught my ass off how funny Ben is in the Billy Talent Diary :D


Oh Yes Ben you’re right! xD




99 Life Hacks to make your life easier!





These are great! Though I wouldn’t put food in a non-food safe container like a plastic CD case and I don’t think ice cube trays are typically suited for hot coffee!