*lol* Brent :D :D :D

*lol* Brent :D :D :D

I could help myself, that was to funny, I need to post it  :D

Okay first what he wrote:
>>> I’m not sure exactly what it is. But it IS an animal at the fair.<<<

And then here is the „animal“ *rofl*


My Top Ten Guilty Pleasures (at the moment)

My Top Ten Guilty Pleasures (at the moment)

Stolen from BadGirl’s Blog

My Top Ten Guilty Pleasures at THE moment

Post 10 things.
Make a Top 10 list (10 being to least and 1 being the best)

Wanna see here:

A bit Spam – things I like

A bit Spam - things I like

Here the result of the Voting blog.unzipped.net

I talk about here: Voting + Picspam


source unzipped.net


And look I got a friend :D :D


Brent on the count testified:


You know that Johnny introduced Nine Inch Nails at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards??

See here

Voting + Picspam

Voting + Picspam

Vote for cute Brent here:


I mean – Zac, com’on? x)

And a brand new Tom Hanson on Depp Daily www.deppdaily.elio-and-oliver.com



Okay not much around here :/

But I will post here too, yes :)

Brent Icons!!

The rated Icons you can found here if you are over 18

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