Billy Talent saved my live

Billy Talent saved my live

Yes it is true in the last weeks Billy Talent really saved my life!

I have a hard time, a lot of “small” problems. It is exhausting. Less money, things get broken, my business still don’t work well. And one person that means a lot to me very disappointed and hurt me.

Just in that time of my life I found my Billy Talent CDs back – cause my sis wanted one and I trying to figured out which I gave her first – and I listen to them.

As I read Ben’s statement about “Swallowed up by the ocean” I was very curious and searching for more infos.

I known this band for some years and I was knowing that the leadsinger is kinda hot but … now I was hooked on the band!

I read and watch a lot of interviews and pictures. And then I get on my sisters nerves. They must listen to my Billy Talent storys, about what Ben said or did. Okay they kinda know me ;)

We making jokes and laugh alot cause of these storys. Thanks to Ben! The running gag was these unexplainable fear of cows in switzerland. (Fans know exactly what I am talking about)

My biggest wish is to see these amazing guys live! I hope they come to germany next year and I get a chance to see them. And if I maybe then met them in person I would die happy!

I know that the guys will never known what I am talking about here, but I am very thankful this time that I found them. Ben’s smile put a smile on my face everytime and the positiv way and words of all warmed my heart!


Huge thank you to Ben

And a thank you to my Sis ♥ *kiss kiss*